Welcome to COMSEC

Located within the same building
as Audio Video Unlimited
in Camrose, Alberta.


COMSEC’s shop is located in the same building as Audio Video Unlimited – Camrose and has been in business since June of 2007.

COMSEC is an authorized and certified dealer of Sentry Security System for video surveillance and access control using internationally known GeoVision software.

We work with the Canadian product, DSC hardware, to monitor all of our systems as well as alongside Dickson Security, based out of Calgary, Alberta, to monitored all of our systems.

Our Staff

Our head technician has over 35 years of experience in the field of security. He was trained and educated by the Canadian military for 22 years as a communication technologist. He understands the seriousness of overall protection and how important feeling safe and secure is.

With all his experience, he can fully customize a security system to fully meet the requirements of any situation or property – business or home.

Thanks to his leadership and skills, we know that our COMSEC installers are adequately trained; everyone has the attitude and competence to satisfy all of our customers security needs.


With our years of experience, COMSEC has accomplished numerous projects including, but not limited to, providing video surveillance system for Tim Horton’s locations, Domino’s Pizza locations, Canadian Brew House locations, Dairy Queen locations, and many more.

Our monitoring services include but are not limited to residential and commercial application.

We travel anywhere in Alberta to service and install systems for our customers.

We are subcontracted by security companies from Ontario to perform installations and repairs.

Today we are expanding and restructuring COMSEC for better and faster service for all of our existing and future customers.

Mission & Values

We believe in customer service.

To us, this means that by offering the proper system for each customer and providing a service and the training required, we are available for any questions or concerns that our customers may ask.

We believe by doing these services, we are offering piece of mind to our customers that, no matter what happens, COMSEC is there to take care of them.